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Nearby Attractions in Ann Arbor

Swirling with a rich cultural and creative history, Ann Arbor has long been a place for digging deeper into the human experience- and the museums and attractions of the region reflect this. 

Love ancient culture? You’ll love spending an afternoon roaming through Classical, Egyptian and near Eastern artifacts at UM’s Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. Into green spaces? Go on a walk through “The Arb”, where you’ll be surrounded by lush gardens and fanciful blooms. More of an art person? Let your mind wander as you make your way through intriguing galleries downtown. 

Whatever you’re into, here’s five of the best museums and attractions Ann Arbor has to offer.  


Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 

If you’re seeking an educational way to spend the day in Ann Arbor,The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is a great place to start. The stunning, Romanesque building located on the University of Michigan’s central campus supports teaching and research on Classical, Egyptian, and Near Eastern and houses a collection of more than 100,000 artifacts.

Since it’s an exhibit museum at a public university, the Kelsey also prides itself on public outreach, offering tons of interactive opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Don’t skip the sarcophagus – you’ll be blown away by the beauty and historical significance on display. 

Insider Tip

Admission is free.

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kelsey museum of archaeology

University of Michigan Museum of Art

Immerse yourself in one of the largest university art museums in the United States. This sprawling 94,000 square foot museum is home to over 20,000 works of art. Though the building was once a war memorial, it now also pays homage to countless cultures and periods of time thanks to the artworks within.

See movements, counties, and eras from a new point of view through the different media in museums. Peruse paintings, photography, sculptures, and more, all carefully curated to reflect changing times around the world.

Insider Tip

They’re closed to the public right now, but make sure to check out all of the fun virtual events and exhibits they’re currently offering.

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Nichols Arboretum

Locals and students alike shorten Nichols Arboretum to “The Arb,” but the experiences within are anything but brief. The arboretum first took shape in 1909, when O.C. Simonds selected native and exotic shrubs and trees to create what the arboretum calls a “naturalistic landscape.” 

Visitors of today get to reap the benefits of Simond’s effort as they meander the gardens, ponds, and blooms within the arboretum. Stop and smell the roses, walk beneath the trees, and even catch a performance of “Shakespeare in the Arb.”

Insider Tip

The peony garden at “The Arb” is an absolute must-see.

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