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Up Close and Personal with Ryan Kinder

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Earlier this summer we made a new home for ourselves in America’s heartland with our eighth hotel, Graduate Lincoln.

To celebrate, we broke out all the bells, whistles and country tunes to serenade some of our first guests with a private concert by country artist, Ryan Kinder. The singer-songwriter’s soulful voice tied with guitar talent comparable to any 90’s punk rock legend lends him an act unlike any other, a feat he’s unafraid of and audiences praise. Our Graduate Hotels Sessions in July wasn’t any exception. His hit song “Close” received a full sing-along from the crowd, but the remainder of his set proved to be intimate experience for new and old fans alike.

Before the show, we caught up with Kinder for an exclusive interview to talk fast facts about his time at University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Did you copy notes or share notes?

Ryan: Copy. I was a horrible academic, but great college student!

Did you make your bed or was your room a pigsty?

Ryan: Pigsty.

Where was the best place to meet girls in college?

Ryan: Um…Burke Hall or a Ryan Kinder show at Rounders, where I met my wife.

What was your line to pick her up?

Ryan: Uh… My line these days would be, “We might not fall in love, but we could sure come close.” Plug the single!

What was the best date spot on campus?

Ryan: On my first date with my wife, we went to the tallest building in Tuscaloosa and nearly got arrested for breaking and entering. I scored the keys from a bartender at Rounders. Everything comes full circle.

Where was your go-to late night order?

Ryan: Messy fries. I would walk across the street get the fries in the middle of a performance still playing get the fries and walk back.

How many pounds of pizza did you eat during your time in college if you had to guess?

Ryan: I’d say more than my body weight. I’m comfortable with an even 400 lbs.

What’s the weirdest outfit you ever wore in college?

Ryan: A Zorro costume… I thought it was a costume party… it wasn’t.

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