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3 Things We Learned from Cleo Wade

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After seven weeks, 12 cities and too many hugs to count, our Courageous Love Tour with poet and activist Cleo Wade has come to an end.

“I’m so proud of the amount of beautiful friendships I have seen bloom in these spaces!” Wade wrote on Instagram. “We created this tour for one reason only and that is to bring people together so they get connected in real life.”

Cleo Wade hugging fan at her event at Graduate Charlottesville.

As she stopped at each Graduate hotel, Cleo read her poetry, engaged in intimate conversations with attendees and offered up advice for living a happier life.

Here are three things we learned from Cleo Wade along the way.


1. Self-love & self-care are the basis of self-preservation.

Wade is all about finding time each day for the things you love and believes day-to-day plans should revolve around stress-relieving activities.

Maybe it’s Facetiming your bestie or going for a run or — whatever makes your shoulders drop and puts your mind at ease. Each person has her own version of self-care, and it’s smart, not selfish, to reserve time in your day to take care of yourself.

“I think this generation, especially, is the one that is going to push what the concept of caring for ourselves looks like, and how it’s actually not selfish at all because it benefits everyone,” Wade told The Oxford Eagle.


2. If you want love, be love. If you want light, be light.

This much-loved Cleo mantra was a frequent refrain on the Courageous Love Tour. Whatever it is you’re looking for in life, you’re more likely to find it if that’s what you’re putting out into the world yourself.

Women holding a copy of Cleo Wade's book Heart Talk


3. You are constantly growing & evolving. Each day is a chance to reinvent yourself.

At Graduate Hotels, our motto is “We are all students,” and this philosophy of life-long learning certainly aligns with Wade’s belief that we can remake ourselves every day.

“The first part of self-transformation is knowing that it is possible,” says Wade. “Treat yourself like you have the power to grow and change … We are all bigger than our worst day. We are all better than our worst decision.”

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has bad days. The key is learning from those experiences and using them as opportunities to grow and improve.


Thank You, Partners

A huge thank you to all the local organizations who joined us along the way. With their help, eligible voters were registered on the spot so they could make their voices heard in the 2018 midterm elections.

These partners included:

Cleo Wade learns about the I'm Voting campaign from a volunteer at her event at Graduate Ann Arbor.

Next week, Graduate Hotels is hitting the road again — this time with the Hello Sunshine x Together Live tour. We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of this tremendous event, which amplifies diverse and inclusive female voices. Catch us at the tour stops in Ann Arbor and Minneapolis.

Photos: Nicole Haley | Amanda Maglione | Jeannine Marie 

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