Madewell x Graduate Hotels

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We teamed up with our pals at Madewell to support their Blue Jeans Go Green™ campaign which recycles your previously-loved denim and turns it into housing insulation (yes, you heard us, your jean addiction can be used for good!). It’s all about good jeans, ain’t it?

In mid-January, Madewell took over the lobbies of Graduates in Berkeley, CA; Charlottesville, VA; Minneapolis, MN; and Tempe, AZ to educate the masses on doing good in their community, plus, there was a little something in it for participants… scoring $20 off their next pair of Madewell jeans #winwin. Locals, guests and denim lovers (read: everyone) contributed to the efforts by donating their own pairs of low-rise bootcuts, bright-pink skinnies and boyfriend fits.

Since the Blue Jeans Go Green tour launch in 2017, over 300 homes have been equipped with insulation thanks to the generosity of those who donated pairs of old jeans and we’re honored to be part of it.

Check out our coverage from the clothing brand’s pop-ups and follow Madewell’s tour using #denimmadwell.

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