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Handcrafted Hotels Season Two

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Ever wonder what goes into making each Graduate hotel the smartest place to stay? Peek behind the Graduate Hotels curtain with Handcrafted Hotels, a Magnolia Network original series showcasing some of our most memorable locally inspired designs. (Yes, that includes our giant Dolly Parton sculpture made entirely of chicken wire.)

Follow along as our in-house design team works with artists and craftspeople to bring the Graduate vision to life, one custom creation at a time. Season Two is now streaming on Discovery+.


Graduate Roosevelt Island | Premieres January 6, 2023

Episode highlight: The inner workings of artist Hebru Brantley’s larger-than-life Flyboy sculpture.


Graduate Eugene | Premieres January 13, 2023

Episode highlight: Every sneakerhead’s dream – walls fashioned after the tread of Phil Knight’s original Nike prototype.



Graduate Nashville

Episode highlight: Unique tributes to The Queen of Country in the form of a life-size chicken wire sculpture and a specialty suite.


Graduate Knoxville

Episode highlight: Never-before-seen memorabilia from Peyton Manning’s personal collection. Victory cigars, anyone?


Graduate Chapel Hill

Episode highlight: Where the greatest became the GOAT. An exact replica of Michael Jordan’s dorm room at the University of North Carolina.


Graduate New Haven

Episode highlight: Thanks to the lobby’s real working telephone booth, New Haven’s notoriously delicious pizza is always just a phone call away.

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