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Strange Things are Happening

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Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Hawkins, Indiana? You can now experience the world of Stranger Things like never before in our immersive suite at Graduate Bloomington. Made up of two areas, the Byers’ living room and the Wheeler’s basement, it’s the ultimate place to stay for any fan of the supernatural series. Keep reading for our top five favorite details.

Stranger Things Keycards

Keycards with Character

You might see some familiar faces on your keycards at check in. We designed eleven character IDs, including Bob’s Radio Shack card, Hopper’s police badge, Steve’s Scoops Ahoy ID and more. Which one will you get?

Stranger Things Suite 80s Details

’80s Everything

No detail was spared when creating these ‘80s inspired digs. You name it, this suite has it. 1984 Gremlin action figure? Check. Oversized walkie-talkies? Check. A retro board game collection? Check. We even threw in an Eleven-crushed Coke can for good measure.

Will's tunnel map inside the Stranger Things Suite

Will’s Tunnel Map

We couldn’t recreate the Byers’ living room without Will’s tunnel map. How else would guests navigate the Upside Down below Hawkins? His crayon-drawn map stretches across the living room, ending at the Christmas lights and hand-painted alphabet. No word yet if any messages have come through via blinking bulbs.

Eleven's blanket fort in the Stranger Things Suite

Blanket Fort FTW

Back in season one, Eleven hunkered down in a blanket fort while hiding out in the Wheeler’s basement. And who could blame her? Even as adults, we think blanket forts are superior, so of course we had to make our own.

Stranger Things Menu Items

Hopper’s Triple Decker Extravaganza

To top things off, we whipped up Hopper’s iconic treat, available exclusively for suite guests. Layers of whipped cream sprinkled with jelly beans, chocolates and candy corn make this three-layer waffle tower a feast for the eyes (and the stomach).

If you’re not staying in the suite, we’re serving up a limited-time Stranger Things-inspired menu at Poindexter. We recommend trying the Upside Down burger before it vanishes to the other side for good.

These are a few of our favorite things, but don’t take it from us, book your stay and discover even more strange details for yourself.

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