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Wandering Around Columbus, Ohio

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Cities across the country have adopted the “Keep [insert city name here] Weird” moniker. Columbus, Ohio has not. Its slogan? “Keep Columbus a Secret.”

And for good reason. While the town is packed with art and optimism with an eye toward the future, Columbus still feels easy and uncrowded.

From the Short North neighborhood and The OSU campus to the emerging scene popping up along Parsons Avenue, you can walk through history while also experiencing a working model for a bright American future.

Wander out the front door of Graduate Columbus and discover Ohio’s best-kept secret.

Collage of photos showcasing Columbus, Ohio



Filling the distance between downtown and The Ohio State University is the Short North Arts District, where Graduate Columbus is located. Buzzing with newness, the restaurants, shopping and local flair blend into beautiful storefronts.

World-class boutiques like Rowe and Madison-USA are surrounded by unique local shops like the Ohio-sport-centric Homage and toy-crazed Big Fun. Delicious eateries including Brassica, Jeni’s Ice Cream, The Eagle, Goody Boy and Bodega are all within a few blocks of the hotel’s front door.

North Market is a standout. A city staple since 1876, this diverse public market offers impressive hot chicken, donuts, more Jeni’s ice cream, produce, spices and flavors to please any and all taste buds.

Collage of photos showcasing Columbus, Ohio



Beyond our new neighborhood, downtown Columbus offers plenty of easily reachable destinations.

Hit the intersection of 4th Street and Main for a solid stretch of bars, arcades, barcades, tacos, highbrow and lowbrow all smashed into a single block. For an art fix, stroll through the Columbus Museum of Art and the amazing Beeler Gallery at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

No trip to Columbus is complete without a stop at Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace for one of their 100 different dogs, including veggie options.

Collage of photos showcasing Columbus, Ohio



South of downtown, German Village and Parsons Avenue offer a more local vibe. German Village musts are Katzinger’s Deli and Antiques on High brewery.

Along Parsons Avenue, be sure to check out Sacred Hand Tattoo Society and the stylish, minimal Comune restaurant. And don’t miss Two Dollar Radio Headquarters — half book publisher, half coffee shop and vegan café, all awesome.

Collage of photos showcasing Columbus, Ohio

All around town, little nooks and crannies are popping up as the city explodes with growth. A vibrant fashion scene, world-class art and plenty of good food make Columbus one of the best college towns — if not hidden travel gems — in the country.

Visit us in the Short North Arts District when Graduate Columbus opens this fall and discover it for yourself.

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