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Wandering Around Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville is a city on the move, one that’s changing fast. And as folks are moving in, great reasons to wander are popping up all over.

Cool boutiques dot the streets, a great meal is easy to find and ever-present cranes hang in the skyline. For you, the traveler, these factors mean one thing: it’s time to visit Nashville.

Collage of photos showcasing Nashville, Tennessee



Graduate Nashville is just a few blocks from Vanderbilt University, which means college bars, great pizza and hot chicken are right around the corner. Hot chicken is a Nashville tradition and the famous Hattie B’s is steps from our front door.

Further afield, Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish and Prince’s are worth traveling for if you take your chicken seriously. The debate is open for who reigns supreme but lines out the door at all three restaurants means you can’t really go wrong.

Collage of photos showcasing Nashville, Tennessee

Make your way to Germantown for a slew of new sit-down restaurants or visit the hip eateries of East Nashville. For easy eats, Mas Tacos in East Nashville is the spot. For a real dinner and flavors to swear by, try Rolf and Daughters on Taylor Street, Folk, Husk or Bastion. Impress a local and take yourself to Arnold’s, where the famed “meat & three” tradition hits the mainstream.

With all the great food around town, you’ll need an excuse to walk, walk and walk some more. Now, maybe you’ll take a car or scooter between neighborhoods, but Nashville has multiple zones where walking, shopping, grabbing ice cream and walking some more is its own treat.

Closest to Graduate Nashville is the Hillsboro area. Start by hitting the racks at UAL and Altar’d State, making your way through the neighborhood until you reach Tribe Kelley. A homegrown boutique, coffee shop and music workshop, Tribe Kelley is a must for anyone seeking that trademark Nashville vibe.

Collage of photos showcasing Nashville, Tennessee

A few blocks south near Belmont University, Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood offers healthy food, less healthy food and shops where you can grab a great pair of jeans. Snack on a creamy, icy paleta from Las Paletas, then browse hip wares from local legends White’s Mercantile and Imogene + Willie.



When the sun goes down, there’s no town quite like Nashville.

East Nashville caters to a younger, hipper crowd with dive bars and speakeasies like Attaboy. College kids stick closer to Graduate Nashville’s neck of the woods, while thrill seekers head over to Santa’s Pub, a double-wide karaoke trailer out near the fairgrounds. Cheap beer. Cash only.

Collage of photos showcasing Nashville, Tennessee

Downtown is home to Nashville’s world-famous honky-tonk scene. Currently experiencing an uptick in destination bachelorette parties, the Broadway District is home to more stages, more bars and more cowboy boots than any one person would know what to do with. You’ll find bars in every direction, including the historic Printer’s Alley — a short strip of honky tonks off the main drag with alley entrances to some of the city’s best parties.

No trip to Nashville is complete without a visit to Robert’s Western World. On the main drag and lit up with neon, country legends swear by this honky tonk, which operates as a boot store by day. Count on Robert’s for the best music on the strip 365 days a year.



Visit soon, visit often and enjoy the ride. Though constantly shifting and changing, Nashville hasn’t lost its Western roots or Southern charm in all its growth. So plan for few days or a few short trips, because it’s impossible to enjoy all of Nashville in a single weekend.

Collage of photos showcasing Nashville, Tennessee

The brand new Graduate Nashville opens this December in Midtown.

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