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Wandering Around New Haven, Connecticut

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New Haven, Connecticut is almost purposefully tucked away. Hidden as if the centuries-old Yale University and surrounding town knows what it has … and isn’t interested in dishing it out to just anyone.

Fly into the tiny airport, cruise up to the Long Wharf, drive or ride the train in from the Big Apple, because a few days in New Haven is a few days you’ll enjoy.

Collage of photos showcasing New Haven, CT



Graduate New Haven is a block from campus. In the hotel’s basement is a restaurant with more history than most states — the Old Heidelberg. A local landmark, it’s the oldest bar in town.

From our front steps, famed museums, book shops and Yale University are a short walk away. Past our neighbor, the infamous Skull and Bones Society, Yale offers much to the public — historic architecture, an incredibly innovative library, the outstanding (and free) Yale University Art Gallery and more.

Collage of photos showcasing New Haven, CT

Explore every inch, build up an appetite and get ready to feast on an array of pizza, burgers, lobster rolls and tacos.

Get to Louis’ Lunch early. This old-school spot sells out of food regularly. The restaurant, around since 1895, also claims to have invented the hamburger. The Cousins Maine Lobster food truck of Shark Tank fame lobs world-class lobster rolls day and night.

Bar Pizza is a contender in the daily “Who has the best pizza in New Haven?” debate. Milkcraft does things with ice cream we didn’t know were possible. Bookend your day with coffee at Atticus Bookstore Café and a nightcap at Ordinary, a very cozy, very East Coast cocktail bar.



A little further from campus, the Wooster Square area holds history, views, unique charm and local tradition. In this thriving Italian neighborhood, pizza is serious business.

Collage of photos showcasing New Haven, CT

They say the best pizza comes from New Haven’s brick ovens, and both Sally’s Apizza and Frank Pepe’s run the table on what’s what in the great pizza debate. Try both, eat them back to back, and then come back a second time.

If you have room for dessert, grab some fresh cannoli down the block at Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop.



Locals are clued into Long Wharf, where a fleet of Mexican food trucks serve up authentic tacos and other eats. During lunch, there will be some lines. Wait your turn, then sit along the waterfront and chow down.

Collage of photos showcasing New Haven, CT

Long Wharf is also home to the It Adventure Ropes Course, which claims to be the “largest indoor ropes course in the world.” Located in the back of a massive furniture store, it’s multiple stories tall with major zip lines, a food court and a Vegas-style fountain. Really random. Really fun.



A trip to East Rock is a great way to see a newer, up and coming side to town. Unique shops, new restaurants and plenty of artistic flair lead the way to East Rock Park. A quick car trip will do the trick to get you to the top.

Once there, a panoramic city view awaits. Couples and families come for sunset. See the waterfront, downtown New Haven and Yale’s campus all in one go.

Collage of photos showcasing New Haven, CT

Graduate New Haven opens fall 2019. Make the trip, eat the pizza and enjoy a city flooded with American history, prestige and fun.

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