*The Evanston way

King McCallister Experience

Our Home Alone experience lets you spend the night like Kevin McCallister. Eat junk, watch rubbish. There’s no one to stop you. (Just go easy on the Pepsi.)


Explore the streets where the Home Alone saga began with the King McCallister Experience, and enjoy these extras to help you relive your favorite movie moments:
  • A polaroid to use throughout your entire visit to snap your favorite moments of your stay
  • A lovely cheese pizza just for you (Chicago-style pizza decked out as Little Nero’s)
  • Minibar stocked with Kevin’s favorite snacks
  • In-room theater featuring Home Alone movies on demand


Unlike Santa, you have to see this room to believe it. Check out all the little details before you pack your bags.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each booking will be donated to Lurie Children’s Hospital. 
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