Event Venues

Eureka Springs Ballroom

4,800 SF | Capacity: 400

At 4,800 square feet, the Eureka Springs Ballroom is our largest venue, accommodating up to 400 guests. With a generous layout and charming finishes, this room is perfect for large weddings, galas and conferences. It can also be partitioned off for partial rentals, creating a more intimate space for smaller groups.

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Eureka Springs Ballroom

3,600 SF | Capacity: 250

White River Room

White River Room is our second largest event space and is located on our first floor. Perfect for large and medium size groups, this venue comfortably accommodates up to 250 people and is a great space for both weddings and conferences.

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1,392 SF | Capacity: 100

Bella Vista Room

Located on the second floor, Bella Vista is an ideal venue for hosting medium-size events, including dinners, receptions and business meetings. It can host up to 100 guests.

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486 SF | Capacity: 50

Lost Bridge Room

Ideal for small groups, Lost Bridge accommodates up to 50 people. With charming finishes and a welcoming feel, this space is perfect for intimate dinners, receptions and meetings.

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1,200 SF | Capacity: 50

Petit Jean Room

The Petit Jean Room is on the first floor of the hotel and is a perfect venue for small groups, accommodating up to 50 people. Complete with charming finishes and nods to Fayetteville, this room is ideal for dinners, meetings and intimate receptions.

Floor Plan

486 SF | Capacity: 12

Pinnacle Room

Pinnacle is our boardroom located on the second floor. Equipped with the latest technology, it’s a perfect space for small gatherings and meetings of up to 12 people.

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