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Everything you love about TopGolf, in a luxury suite.

Make a sport out of socializing at the new Topgolf® Swing Suite® at Graduate Iowa City. This exciting, immersive golf experience is the perfect spot for your next work or social gathering. Rent out a hitting bay (or the whole space!) and host a party, hang with pals or even practice your drive during the off-season. Food and drinks available from Poindexter Coffee and Gene's bar. Pricing: $15 per person for 1-3 people per hour $50 per bay for 4+ people per hour

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210 South Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States
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12 pm - 9 pm

Before you go

Topgolf Reservations - Time Guidance

Here’s how much time we recommend setting aside:

# of Players
Approx Time
18-Hole Course 1 1 Hour
18-Hole Course 2 2 Hours
18-Hole Course 3 4 Hours
Topgolf Target Games 8 90 Minutes (24 golf shots per player)
Baseball Pitching 4-6 1 Hour

Of course, timing will vary a bit based on skill level and how quickly each player takes their turn.